New Groups of Mind & Action (1890-Now)

Voice 1890 - 1970

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Here are recordings of the past’s historic voices, that we have cleaned up and made listenable. It is quite amazing to hear people talking from a time that your great-grandmother was alive.

Cyclops World Vision

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From Ancient Egypt’s Single Lenses to Oscilloscopes, Televisions, & Outer Space Cameras – The Cyclops’ Attitude is Part of Us.

Burlesque Designs Sexual Art

Read & View Only | Sexuality & Creative Consciousness

Burlesque is a form of sight, sound, dress, and undress that takes sexual energies, releasing them from repression, allows greater flow of kundalini and the actions of shaktipat, and even creates conscious changes, wedded to even widening of higher positive actions, that channel themselves through the one’s immediate living environment. Its time, we intelligently and compassionately use, thes created values instead of burying them in various forms of repression, anger, destructiveness, and hurt.

4th Dimensions

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A continuum of exploration in mental, psychic and physical realities in possible multiple 4th dimensions.

Sex Dreams & Energies

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Information and stories of our greatest human energy for body & mind, and of the greatest importance.