Philosophy Of Us

"The Goal Here is to Find, Own, & Use a Kind Perfect & Irresistable Imagination..." - Alex MacColl

Who Are We? What Is This? From Where Did We Come?

Throughout the history of our human kind, a various moments, and in various places, we have come together to recreate, widen definition, and expand the public voices of the knowledge pool into which we were born. The Ancient Greeks called this Philosophical School, the Romans called it Calling Upon One’s Genius, the Medieval Mind called this Inspirio or Breathing in Higher Truth, and since then, often it has been called either an Intellectual Investigation and/or Visionary Truth. Socrates gang of open market hanger-on-ers with lead man ex-wrestler, Plato, is probably the most famous. The Courts of Louis the XIV and XV, as well as the Courts of Frederick the Great and the Prince of Hesse come next, then the many French and British salons, and finally private people, such as the mutual letter writing group of William Blake, Thomas Paine, & John Chapman (best known as Johnny Appleseed), and onward into a huge proliferation of groups at the end of the 19th century and during the entirety of the 20th century. Author Herman Hesse referred to this process as both The Magic Theatre and as The Glass Bead Game, while a much darker author referred to this as a process for controlling The Cities of the Dark Night.

Madame Recaimer

As Robert Heinlein both implied and said, we need to GROK the truths that exist around and in our lives. In all cases, these groups were democratic, crossed cultural lines, contained individuals from all walks of life, and from the 18th century onward included women. Out of this world arena (that today is a tradition of at least continuous 2,450 years), has come that fragile yet rambunctious Magickal Childe that some call Progress and others call The wide effects of Invention being done and then wisely used. But, oddly, the single most important part of this process is hardly ever mention. This part can be called a Knowing-Pursuit Friendships, a bit of an awkward phrase, but what this phrase is trying to identify is, is a Friendship Chemistry of Using and Pursuing one’s own dreams, information, and sense of questioning with others, and in a safe environment. With all the mental fluff and bad ideas on the World Wide Web, still, it is the Engine of Democracy and we hope to continuously use it with as much wisdom as we can muster.

Socrates at the Louvre

We see ourselves as the first fully conscious and intuitive Agora (Socrates Marketplace) in what was originally called The Hi-Tech Age. In friendship we agree with and act in friendship, with those who tarry here a while. We compete with ourselves and no one else. So we invite you to join us. Our primary focus is educational. We do sell some services. On this site, our services are plainly listed. Our services will include publishing. We are financed by ourselves and have no obligations to any other parties. We are Secure and never sell any information of any kind at any time. Again, we welcome your visit, and hope you will participate. Thank you. We wish all of you to, as Gene Roddenberry once said, Live Long & Prosper.