Important Notes

To The Gentle Reader:

Leautremont Mars is a 21st century Futurist Concept. Here we have a combined virtual department store and specialized learning center for familiarizing ourselves, sharing ideas, creating ideas, and enjoying the power objects and historic artifacts of the most important part of any culture that sees social evolution as the key to unlocking an amazing and inspiring future that not only honors and uses, but also enjoys a world built upon imagination, intellect, the use and manipulation of archetypes, and the data mining of the past, the selective use of the present, and a calm positive strong movement into our own future without an idolized worship of past events on any level and in any category. Oh! And we do not forget the glue that holds all this together, and that glue is Perceptual Fun.

To understand the answer to the question of what creates fun based upon perception, the best answer is to quote the late great Hugo Gernsbach’s final idea given out in his speech at the 1960 World Science Fiction Convention in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA:

Please remember that in all that you do, that you always keep your own sense of wonder.

SO what are the nuts and bolts of Leautremont Mars? We have the following layers of (what we call) Practical Focus: Information & Discussion of the greatest, strongest, and most permanent Archetypes of our World Culture. On-line creation of New Ideas. Publication and creation of informative, imaginative, and mystery-explorations in all popular media, from e-books to podradio.

Sale of items that let us rub shoulders with, enjoy, and own items from the layers of importance, fashion, style, mystery, and metaphysics of historic moments in world culture from archaeological artifacts to classic high fashion, and to the objects and realm of metaphysical exploration and living.


Rules of the Game (La Regle du Jeu)

To all its sites, Leautremont Mars welcomes you as a Compassionate, Wise, and Powerful Adult, under the insistence that the word “Adult” is not a calibration of age, but is a state of mind and activity within which discussion, agreement, and disagreement, all handled in a polite way that avoids name-calling, nasty personal comments, and personal attacks. Leautremont Mars and its owner reserves the right to immediately and finally remove any person for this site that demonstrates noncompliance with the aforementioned. At the same time we welcome diverse opinions and Socratic Argument.

Legal Notice

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Further as the United States (and many other countries) has become increasingly litigious and demands for provinence have gone from totally reasonable to a current level of ultimately unprovable provenance demands, all items are sold based upon our personal belief that they are exactly what they are as stated, we must now state, that all items are sold as is.