Caiyros Arlen Strang

All my work dedicated to the master, Honore de Balzac.

The Comedy of Endless Loves; Les comedias des amours sans fin.

Created the first Occult Book Store – Terrapin Booksellers in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Studied psychology with Dr. Medard Boss, and others.

“I find my life more interesting by doing things, than going on vacation.”

With Henry Cowell was taught of musical creation and  taught of his nown versions of aspect Musique Concrete and others.   

With Richard Plant learning about the Roaring 20s in Europe, and studying about Franz Kafka whom he had met, and also the Hitlerian ugly bad attitudes of dealing horribly with gay and lesbian people.

Studied with John Azar to become a stage actor and for a time studied Mime with Jean-Louis Barrault, and also had the time to discuss and write about Marcel Carne’s masterpiece of cinema – Children of Paradise.

Caiyros Arlen Strang was born in Rochester, New York at the  end period of World War 2. When young he lived in Burlington County area of New and for a long time lived in a Quaker Community and went to Quaker School from 3rd grade through 10thgrade and then to another Quaker School when with his mother moved to Philadelphia PA. He sees himself as an “Eclectic Quaker”

He studied at Temple University, Harvard Univ., New School For Social Research, Oxford University, and studied lived for a time in Findhorn, and  at Moray Firth & Findhorn in Scotland, where he also walked beach shores and collected seaweed to be used for fertilizer. Also was  a Dockworker and a Shop Steward in Philadelphia, Pa., and later in Pennsylvania, Pa driving a mule Barge up and down the canal basically parallel to the Delaware River, Worked as a Newpaper Printer at the Doylestown (PA) Intelligencer and the Princeton Packet Group (NJ), has also been a marketing advisor for several well -known businesses. Also he worked in Financials of the Harvard Coop.

He’s also a musician and plays 4, 6, 12, & slide guitars, as well as piano (having given his first recital when in 3rd grade).

Studied Yaqui Magick from (Name Withheld) the man who was Don Juan’s teacher

Studied Sexual & Upir magik with Ruth X & Gwen X

We the Styx Group, Unequivecal Protecting Spirits, Knowledge, & Force of all ways of this are: Abramelin, Amonra, Ashurnasipal Sword, Bhairava, St Jeanne d’Arc, Lilith,Pombagira, Pazuzu, and The All Of Khajurharo.

also create the following – if not already done….The Styx Group

He has studied poetry and writing (poetry) with Constantine Trypanis, W.H.Auden, Gloria Gaghan, and Riley Russell Ballard, and novel & prose writing with my friends: William S. Burroughs, Jacqueline Susann, and Alain Robbe-Grillet, and non-fiction with Richard Plant,  Raphael Demos, Harry Hay,  Studied “fixed piano with Henry Cowell, studied drawing and painting with Mary Ann Olander, and sculpture with Seymour Lipton.

Studied Buddhism for 18 days with HH the 14th Dalai Lama. And other Lamas.

Also, having worked on Madison Avenue doing marketing promotions, that along with James Woolsey and I created a complete computer research of all Tibetan literature and designed and produced the bumper sticker  FREE TIBET, which successfully brought Tibet into the knowing of Tibet in the modern world.

With Dave Ritchie, and Michael Crispin Jantzen, pioneered going into “slums” and with us creating groups, repaired many houses.

Studied Blues Guitar with Dick Adler, Skip James, Son House, Muddy Waters, R. Hale, Tim Hardin, and played with the Great Judy Roderick,and recorded with Michael Hurley,  The Love Unlimited Orchestra and created a new form of music notation,  and in 1960 created a musical piece based upon a “Fixed-Piano, electrical sounds, and Violin.

Brother Theodore teaching him “tragedy monologues” based along the Grand  Genoile

With Revs. Philip Berrigan, Daniel Berrigan, and Sister “Liz” McAlister, in many areas of Civil Rights acts  and teachings.

Studied with Dr. Konstantine Raidive with working on the possibilities of collecting spirit voices.

Received a self-signed letter from Pope John-Paul I (the first) praising my book of poems entitled First Songs.

Creating with Myself & Jim Woolsey designed and got acceptance from various high level Tibetans, their permission to create and use any vehicle to use a bumper sticker that pictured the Tibet flag and the quote “Free Tibet”.

And has taught many different aspects of history, photography use in all its ways, and has found a number of “lost” films.

High Knowledge of planning, creating, and designing Cabarets along the “attitude” of 1920s Berlin and Paris

Worked for a Madison Avenue biz

In an ongoing meeting for 2 days spent my time with Jean Cocteau learning many varied ideas for “mind expanding” and he created a picture of me, as a piece of art to remember him.

Those Catholic Priests who allowed me to take the priest’s initiation for priest but latter changed my mind and ended that without any problems.

Thank the Nuns of St Joseph who let me live in the attic of their Nunnery. who had (and have) a strength of being beyond all other strengths I have ever seen anywhere.

The Greek Church who taught me exorcism

Maria Grigorira Rasputina who taught about her father and his inner abilities.

Countess Alexandra Tolstoy who was my baby sitter and told me much of occult Russian stories

Jacqueline Susan who christened me with Vodka as now being The Rimbaud of Philadelphia PA.

Arletty – The greatest actress and the most amazing and magnetic of people

Did Hell Fire Club research and writing from the friendship of Lord Le Dispencer.

With L. Fonteyn studied and learned the aspects of the information of the Abramelin System of Self Use

With Sir George Trevelyan work with organizational new abilities for wok systems

I rock climbed the “face” of Hanging Rock Mountain in Victoria, Australia, and at night saw some form of living beings made of light. Then left the mountain going backwards

Wrote and did the soundtrack for a motion picture on Aids directed by Jo Ann Liskin

In direct relation to Lord William Sinclair 1st Earl of Caithness & Baron of & creater of Roselin