Publications by Caiyros Arlen Strang

Zero BC & Zero AD

Futurist Thought
Our Tornado Alley of Courageously Merging With Chaos Versus Hiding Within


Futurist Thought
The Us & World of Earth Life

Vodu Birth

The Us & World of Earth Life
Birth Creation of, and use of today’s Vodoo

The Unwobbling Pivot

Chinese Mysticism
Often to Becoming the Mind of knowing more Beyond Yi King

Exactly Luminous

Occult Poetry
Powerful Love Songs by the 6th Dalai Lama

Pagan Lenses

A New Format of a Grimoire

Aryan Vedic Development of Advanced Mysticism

India’s Great Wisdom
6,000 BC ? 1960 AD

Spirit Lives of the Soft Seen Canal

New poetry of the New Beat Generation


Occult Poetry
Hymns of Power specifically translated


Deconstructing the Bible
The Apocalypse Exposed


Zen Poetry
The Laughing Child’s Zen

Mes Sages Pour Montaigne

Mystical Philosophy